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You can outsource to AE Multiservice LLC for any accounting activities such as transaction processing, reporting and balance sheets.

Credit Repair

If you have a low credit score, inaccurate accounts or errors on your credit report, at AE Multiservice LLC we are experts in providing you with the best credit repair service.


Do you file taxes as a natural person or corporation? At AE Multiservice LLC we have a group of tax return experts. Your fiscal responsibility is important and you are in the best hands. We also advise you on the processing of your EIN, ITIN.


We sell insurance for companies and individuals. Our agents and brokers can offer you the package that best suits your needs: life insurance, multiple risks, fire, theft, vehicle, home and health insurance (Obama Care) and more.

Travel Agency

AE Multiservice LLC's focus is to create memorable travel experiences, through our individual tours and small group vacations.

Real Estate

We have expert real estate agents who can help you manage the processes of purchasing your home for rent or sale. We advise you step by step so that our staff can help you with your procedure.

Notary Service

Purchases, wills, powers of attorney and more, in accordance with legal regulations.

Officiate Weddings

Our experts are empowered to legally officiate your wedding.

Immigration Form Preparers

We are immigration form preparers. We carry out the preparation of your documents in an orderly way.

Loans for Business

We finance your business or venture, we focus on offering you the best proposals for your business to grow. If you are dedicated to health, education, construction, personal and business services, we can help you with the capital you need.

Procedure before the state of Indiana

Business registration, licenses and permits, plates and titles.

We have the records, licenses, permits and certifications that guarantee us as qualified personnel to carry out your procedures.

Here at AE Multiservice we are constantly committed to providing a quality service focused on creating value and satisfaction of our customers.

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